Writing a bachelor thesis

At the beginning it is worth to learn what a bachelor’s thesis is. If during the academic classes you had proper training or a meeting with a supervisor, you certainly know what requirements this type of work should fulfill, but if you are not sure – we give you basic information. A bachelor’s thesis is a kind of diploma thesis, which is written by the student at the end of the first-cycle studies, i.e. undergraduate studies. They usually last three years. Writing bachelor’s thesis may also be required in the middle of a two-stage master’s program. It all depends on the type of university and the field of study. However, always after defending a bachelor thesis a graduate has the right to use the title of bachelor.

Bachelor’s thesis is a written monographic study divided into chapters and subsections. It is written in the form of a report on the tasks performed to achieve the stated goal. Its author demonstrates creativity, the ability to logically and objectively present information. A bachelor’s thesis should contain an overview of the scientific literature related to the given topic.

How much does a bachelor’s job cost?

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